A grade 3 Stranded HDPE Ropes

manufactured from High graded Hdpe and PP granules

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Rsrs Auto Components is a well known and one of the prominent Manufacturer and Exporters of HDPE Mono Rope and Twines from India and goes by the Brand Name Sultan Ropes. Incorporated in 2011 as a supplier to local market, Company very soon upgraded its operation and started exporting from 2015 to various Asian, African and Western Countries.

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Well equipped manufacturing facility

Owing to our well equipped manufacturing facility, we are able to successfully cater to the varied requirements of our clients. We have a skilled and experienced workforce, which is the key factor behind our success in the industry. Our Company consistently focuses on betterment of our all products by keeping pace with the latest developments in the field and the customer at our prime focus. With our client-oriented approach, we are focused towards understanding the exact requirements of our clients and offer a reliable solution to our clients all over the globe.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our products and services are competitively priced and are indicative of the merchandise produced. We pride ourselves on designing and producing fast, cost-effective merchandise so that our clients can see the immediate rewards of our products and service.



Sultan Rope due to its virgin quality,fine finish,perfect shining ropes has secured a position of being one of the leading rope brand around the globe and gained the reputation of being one of the respected and reliable business over the years.



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